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Dance Tile

Dimensions: 12-1/8″ x 12-1/8″

Thickness: 1/2″

Tile Weight: 1.9lbs.

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Tiles Available in Multiple Styles

Gray Stone

Beige Stone

Light Parquet

Dark Parquet

Maple Plank


  • Basements

  • Basketball Courts

  • Laundry Mats

  • Recreational Areas

  • Event Flooring

  • Special Events

  • Display Floors

  • Dance Floor


  • Low Maintenance

  • Installed or Removed Quickly

  • No Tools or Adhesives Needed

  • Looks Great

  • Easy to Clean

Coverdeck Systems® DANCE TILE is a great solution for temporary or permanent indoor flooring. The interlocking tray, which is impervious to water and moisture, elevates the Vinyl finish 3/8″ off the sub-floor. This design promotes air flow under the tiles, helping to prevent any moisture retention.

They snap together design makes installation easy and fast; requiring no special tools or adhesives.

Coverdeck Systems® Dance Tile, with its 304 supporting legs, can accept over 16,000 lbs of dead load. For temporary use of the DANCE TILE outdoors, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and the outside elements.

Coverdeck Systems® Dance Tile are easy to install, easy to clean and will enhance your living space in a short amount of time.

Ramp Edging

ramp edging

Available in male and female

12″ x 1-3/4″ x 1/2″

Corner Edging

Corner Edging