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We at Coverdeck Systems have been providing and manufacturing a wide variety of exterior and interior modular flooring systems for over 25 years. We offer a wide variety of material finishes, colors and textures ranging from composite deck tiles, porcelain pavers, exotic wood deck tiles, carpet tiles, vinyl tiles and plastic drainage tiles. Our deck tiles are the most innovative, interlocking deck tiles and pedestal paver systems available in the decking industry today! Installed on most surfaces, we have an endless variety of combinations we can provide you for purchase or rent. Whether you have a balcony, basement, existing deck, patio, roof deck, or even in need of event flooring that can dramatically change the look and feel of your space. We provide personal assistance throughout the entire process by helping determine the proper product for your project, free samples, material take offs, shipping arrangements and in some cases installation. Our deck tiles are proudly made in the USA and we provide warranties with all our products and have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 
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Contact us and speak with one of our technical advisers to help you plan or select your new deck flooring system.


Weatherstone Deck Composite Tiles  United States Flag

Composite Deck Tiles available in a multitude of patterns, colors, and textures.

Weatherstone Composite Deck Tile Slate

Slate Pattern
12″ x 12″

Weatherstone Composite Deck Tile 6in

6in. Pattern
12″ x 12″

Weatherstone Composite Deck Tile 4 Slat

4 Slat Pattern
12″ x 12″

Ipe Wood Deck Tiles   United States Flag

Available in natural and oiled finishes.

Ipe Wood Deck Tile

Ipe Wood Deck Tiles

12″ x 12″

Carpet Tiles   United States Flag

Available in a multitude of colors.

Carpet Tile

Carpet Tiles


12″ x 12″

Drainage Tiles  United States Flag

All tiles available in a multitude of colors.

Flex Exterior Tile Drainage Tile

Flex III Exterior

12″ x 12″

Flex Interior tile Drainage Tile

Flex Interior

12″ x 12″

Track Tiles

Track Tiles

12″ x 12″

Solid Tile Drainage Tile

Solid Tiles

12″ x 12″

Wood Structural Panels

38mm Ipe Wood Structural Panels

24″ x 24″

42mm Ipe Wood Structural Panels

24″ x 24″

20in Ipe Wood Structural Panel

20in Ipe Wood Structural Panels

20″ x 20″

Massaranduba Wood Panels

Massaranduba Wood Structural Panels

24″ x 24″

Deckstone Porcelain Pavers   United States Flag

Porcelain panels are available in a multitude of styles, colors, and textures.

Travertine Beige


Walnut Fluted


Multi Lock Tiles   United States Flag

Multi Lock Tiles

Multi Lock Tiles

19-5/8” x 19-5/8”
More Colors Available

Rental Flooring   United States Flag


TempFloor II™

12″ x 24″
More Colors Available


4′ x 4′

Pedestal Pavers and Accessories   United States Flag

Protection Mat

Protection Mat

3′ x 4′
More Sizes Available


Elevated Interlocking Corner Connector

Pedestal Paver System