CompositeDeck Ties Completed Installation Guide

How to Install Composite Deck Tiles

How to Install Composite Deck Tiles Composite Deck Tiles have become a popular choice for many homeowners seeking to improve the aesthetics of their balcony, patio or roof deck surface.  Weatherstone Composite Deck Tiles are an outstanding low-cost maintenance product. Outlasting the competitors due to the quality of materials used, a mix of high-density polyethylene and a mineral foam as a binder. This closed molecular formula is made from non –organic materials. Providing zero nutrients for mold, mildew, and insect infestation…

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CompositeDeck Ties Composite Deck Tiles

Removing Scratches from Composite Deck Tiles

Removing Scratches from Composite Deck Tiles Moving furniture such as chairs, tables, grills, or other items occasionally may scratch the surface of your composite deck tiles. However, unlike other composites, with our Weatherstone Deck Tiles scratches are easily removed.  By using high-quality composite material, Coverdeck Systems Weatherstone Deck Tiles are unlike any other deck tile because our Weatherstone Composite has a full-color body which allows scratches to be melted away easily and the surface restored to a like-new condition in seconds.   Remove Scratches From Composite With A Blow Torch To remove scratches from Weatherstone Composite…

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CompositeDeck Ties Composite Deck Tiles With Leaves, Dirt and Debris

How to Clean Composite Deck Tiles

How to Clean Composite Deck Tiles  Composite Deck Tiles like Weatherstone have quickly become a popular deck tile option for condo and homeowners. When looking to cover existing concrete and improving the aesthetics of their balcony, patio, and existing roofing membrane or wood decking. This will also eliminate the worry and expense  of high maintenance.  Our composite is a…

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