Multi Lock Tile

Multi Lock Tiles

Multi Lock Tiles

Dimensions: 19-5/8″ x 19-5/8″

Thickness: 1/4″

Tile Weight: 4.23 lbs.

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Tiles Available in All Colors & Finishes!




Medium Blue


Forest Green



Dark Gray

Coin Finish Multi Lock Tiles


Matte Finish Multi Lock Tiles



  • Garages, Workshops, Showrooms

  • Factory and Warehouses

  • Retail Commercial Flooring

  • Sports Surfacing

  • Mobile Office

  • Industrial Applications

  • Fitness Centers/Gymnasiums

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Temporary protection for dual flooring

  • Schools and Children’s Play Area’s


  • Hard Wearing, Resilient and Durable

  • Resistant to most Solvents and Chemicals

  • Provides Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

  • Uses No Adhesives

Multi Lock Tiles

A first rate solution for a modular and functional floor covering. Manufactured from rugged and resilient PVC, Multi-Lock is an injection molded solid vinyl tile. The modular system quickly restores and enhances the surface appearance hiding unsightly cracks or stains in the floor below.

The interlocking floor system allows for quick and easy installation requiring no special tools or adhesives. Resistant to most harsh chemicals and solvents and provide exceptional durability in high foot traffic or heavy load situations. The larger size of the tiles (19-5/8″ x 19-5/8″) allows for fewer seams, and the the tile has a unique ribbed bottom which gives our tile additional gripping feature when installed on a smooth surface. The Multi-Lock Tiles provide an anti-fatigue surface and reduce cold vapor diffusion making a more comfortable work area.

Multi-Lock Tiles are available in two surfaces;
Coin Finish – a standard raised medallion motif, and Matte Finish – a flat surface with an orange peel texture. Multi-Lock Tiles are also available in a wide variety of colors making attractive and distinctive designs easy! Ramp Edging in matching colors is available for entrance ways & edge finishing.